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Professional Vietnamese website translation service

Website localisation includes translating and adjust the content, images, icons and format for a specific language and culture.

This requires sophisticated and precise translation work for all content into local languages ​​and dialects as well as modifying various components of web pages. For example, they include adjusting the format of local time, date and currency, reversing layout for right-to-left languages (such as Hebrew and Arabic), modifying the contact phone number and address in accordance with local display, removing logos and images that do not fit the culture and adding new links.

Only a professional translation company can provide services at this level. With our thorough understanding of Vietnamese culture and internet environment, we can make your Vietnamese translated website look friendly and perfectly like a local site.

Components of a Vietnamese website translation project

Depending on your marketing goals and budget, a website translation / localization project can be implemented in various scopes. Normally, it may include some or all of the following components:

  • Comprehensive translation into Vietnamese language ​​for all static and dynamic web file formats
  • Focus translation of some important landing pages only to access your Vietnamese audience effectively
  • Translation, localization and transcreation of campaign, adword, pay-per-click to the target language, in this case Vietnamese
  • Translation and localization of applications used by the website
  • Localization of all user interfaces, graphics, multimedia and documentation
  • Running tests and troubleshooting on the localized website to test site performance, check linkage, capability of encoding characters, and browser compatibility in a variety of environments

SEO in website translation

Are you wondering why your multilingual website cannot be found on Google or has too little access? The truth is: most of the translation companies are not interested in SEO when deploying a website translation projects for their clients. If the Vietnamese version of your global website has difficulty with major search engines in Vietnam, you will need a website translation agency who cares about SEO right from the start. With our expertise in the local SEO industry, your website is in good hands with us.

About SMS Translation

SMS Translation provides professional website translation services to global companies which desire to approach Vietnam market. We offer at competitive prices Vietnamese translation from following source languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian , Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Laotian, Cambodian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Burmese and other languages ​​on request.

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